Why Get An Inspection?

Why have an Arizona home inspection?


Home Inspection Snapshot

Protect your investment with a home inspection from Inspect Arizona.

This roof truss is cracked, repairs are needed. The owner was wondering why there was a sag in the roofing.
The carpeting has actual mushrooms growing out of it! This is from water leaking slowly through a wall which backs a bathroom sink.
This gas furnace has been back-drafting flames. The furnace has not been properly serviced for years and is dangerous. The current owner couldn’t believe his eyes, but the buyer could.
Clay tile roofs usually have problems that are not visible from the ground. We find 95% have dislodged or broken tiles present. This could be your future problem!
The landscape rock looks nice, but serious issues have occurred to this siding. This is a dinner table for termites. Proper clearances are needed.

Real Estate is usually the largest investment you will ever make yet many people buy and sell homes and buildings without knowing the real condition of the property.

Having the home or building inspected by a Arizona Certified Professional Home Inspector before you purchase will let you make Informed Decisions.

Most homes and building we inspect have do it yourself or amateur installation and repairs of wiring, plumbing, fixture installation, roof repairs and many more handyman type repairs which have been made. Repairs and unprofessional like installations that could Jeopardize the Safety of the Occupants or cause the Failure of a System or Component.

We observe amateur wiring installed in fashions which you would have to ask yourself Why hasn’t this building caught fire! We inspect plumbing that was repaired or installed in fashions that defy the laws of physics. Heat pumps which are producing 75 degree air and running almost continually because they are not operating correctly. Gas furnaces and hot water heaters which are back drafting flames from the units because of improper installation, improper venting or the need for proper maintenance. Attics with pails on top of the insulation collecting rain water!

We believe the reason you need a Home Inspection is the fact if you know what a Certified Professional Home Inspector or General Contractor knows you wouldn’t need a Home Inspection in the first place.

With our experience and knowledge of all the systems, components, equipment, fixtures and safety concerns of a home you will have a very clear understanding about the building before your purchase.

Our company and employees have decades of Actual Building and Inspection Experience behind every inspection we perform. We take our inspections very seriously, just as if our own family was to live or work in the buildings we inspect!

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